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British Open & British National Championships 2024

ADV/UNL (Power)

Web Bulletin (Version 3) Last Update 20th April 2024



The British Open is organised and hosted by British Aerobatics (British Aerobatic Association Limited), recognised by The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom as the governing body of sport aerobatics in the UK.

If participants have any questions and wish to get in touch with the contest organisers, an email can be sent to 


The competition will be hosted at Sywell Aerodrome (EGBK)

Address: Hall Farm, Sywell, Northamptonshire NN6 0BN 

Google maps: 52.29865,-0.79722 



The competition will be held from Wednesday 10th July to Sunday 14th July. 







Competition flights



Competition flights



Competition flights



Competition flights

Aresti competition prize giving




Weather contingency day (for Aresti competition)

Freestyle competition

Prize giving and closing ceremony




The contest will be run according to CIVA Sporting Code Section 6-1 as far as is practical, modified to conform with British Aerobatics General Rules and local circumstances.

Participation at the competition

Participants must present a valid pilot licence and any necessary ratings required to operate the aircraft in which they will compete.

Participants must present a valid medical certificate corresponding to the licence on which they are competing.

Aircraft being flown during the competition must be airworthy, certified for aerobatic flight, and insured appropriately with cover for aerobatic competitions. Participants must present a valid ARC/Permit to Fly for the aircraft, along with a copy of the insurance certificate. 

In order to satisfy the requirements imposed by our public liability insurance, competitors will need to request that “British Aerobatic Association Limited” be added as an additional insured party on their aircraft insurance policy. This should incur no additional cost.

All of these documents can be provided when signing up for the competition online.

Contest Details


The competition will include the following categories:

  • Advanced (Power)
  • Unlimited (Power)
  • Freestyle (4-6 minutes)


The following programmes will be flown for each category. 

Note: the Freestyle programme will be open to pilots on an invitational basis only, i.e. select pilots taking part in the Aresti competition in addition to a number of pilots invited to take part only in the Freestyle contest.

P2Unknown 1Unknown 1
P3Unknown 2Unknown 2
P4Unknown 3 
Freestyle (4-6 minutes)  

Known sequences

British Aerobatics is switching to known sequences in place of free-known sequences for 2024. This means that all pilots at a particular level will fly the required sequence with the figures in the same order. There are a number of reasons for this change, the most important being an attempt to improve the quality of judging and to give pilots better feedback after each flight. Judging is easier and more consistent when sequence structure is the same across all pilots. Judges can learn the sequence which enables them to provide more consistent scores and to provide better explanations for any deductions given.

The known sequences can be downloaded from the British Aerobatics website here:

Aerobatic box

There will be a partially marked box in the location shown below. Note the two possible judging positions, one to the South and one to the East.

Sywell Aerobatic Box Sywell Aerobatic Box 1



The contest is open to pilots from the UK and overseas.

The British Open Champion titles, trophies, and medals will be awarded to the best scoring pilots in each category, regardless of nationality.

In addition to awarding the British Open titles, the contest scores will also determine the British National Champions in each category. These titles will be reserved for the best scoring British national/resident pilot, as defined in the British Aerobatics General Rules under the section on foreign pilots.

British Open Champions (Advanced, Unlimited, Freestyle)

The highest overall scoring competitor across programmes 1 – 3 in the Unlimited category will be awarded the title British Open Champion 2024.

The highest overall scoring competitor across programmes 1 – 4 in the Advanced category will be awarded the title British Advanced Open Champion 2024.

The highest overall scoring competitor in the Freestyle contest will be awarded the title British Open Freestyle Champion 2024.

British National Champions (Advanced, Unlimited, Freestyle)

The highest overall scoring British national or resident competitor across programmes 1 – 3 in the Unlimited category will be awarded the title British National Champion 2024.

The highest overall scoring British national or resident competitor across programmes 1 – 4 in the Advanced category will be awarded the title British Advanced National Champion 2024.

The highest overall scoring British national or resident competitor in the Freestyle contest will be awarded the title British National Freestyle Champion 2024.

Prizes and trophies

Medals will be awarded to the top 3 scoring pilots for each programme flown in each category.

Medals will be awarded to the overall top 3 scoring pilots across all flown programmes in each category.

British Open 2024 trophies will be awarded to the winners of each category.

British National Champion trophies will be awarded to the top scoring British/resident competitors of each category.


Entry submission

Contest entry submissions are now open. Pilots should sign up using

Overseas competitors should select the Open membership option to avoid paying any membership fees for British Aerobatics. Once an account has been created, it will be possible to sign up for the Open championship and provide any necessary paperwork (licence, proof of aircraft insurance, etc.)

Note, in the interest of completing all competition flights, there will be a cap on the total number of pilots permitted to enter the contest. A maximum of 35 pilots, split between the Advanced and Unlimited categories, will be accepted. Once this number is reached, no further contest entry submissions will be accepted and any other interested pilots will be entered into a waiting list from which they may be contacted should a space become available.

Entry deadline and fees

Entry deadline: 10th June 2024

Entry fee: £300

Fee includes airfield charges, hangarage, memory card (for contest flight videos), goody bag 

Contest officials

Contest DirectorJulian Murfitt
Chief JudgeSteve Green
Aresti JudgesTBC
Four minute free judgesTBC

Additional information

Aircraft Hire / Licencing 

For overseas pilots that may wish to rent an aircraft registered in the UK (G-reg), there is a licence validation process that allows for up to 28 days of flying without the need to obtain a UK licence. The process is fairly straightforward, starting with the licence/medical verification followed by a brief check ride with a UK instructor.

To start the licence verification process, the form can be completed online in approximately 5-10 minutes.
The cost to complete the verification is £51 and once submitted, the CAA will contact the authority that issued your licence to verify the details.

It is recommended that this step be completed as soon as possible, earlier in the year.

Once the licence verification has been completed, the final step is a check ride with a UK instructor. British Aerobatics have arranged with the UK CAA to have a direct contact that will process and return the form quickly.

The UK instructor/examiner will need to submit – more details to follow on the direct line of communication.

There are a number of aerobatic schools in the UK that can help with this final step, and in some cases, may also provide aircraft to be rented for the competition. See the list of preferred training providers here:


Pilots will be able to use the self-serve pumps at the airfield to uplift fuel throughout the contest. Competing pilots may wish to make arrangements with the airfield to pay their fuel bill at the end of the contest, rather than each time they refuel. To do this, please speak with the airfield staff at the fuel pumps.

Fuel is not included as part of the contest entry fee. 

Hangar space

Hangar space is provided for the duration of the competition at no additional fee for the first 15 aircraft.

Pilots will not need to make prior arrangements unless they intend to arrive or depart outside the contest dates, and require additional hangarage.


On site

The airfield has a hotel on-site, The Aviator ( To book a room, please contact the Aviator Hotel directly by email or phone, as reservations cannot be made online. Competing pilots have priority for rooms at the hotel.

Tel: 01604 642111


Local area

To find accommodation in the the local area, please see: or AirBnB

Getting to Sywell 

Flying to the UK from overseas

If travelling to the UK from overseas in their own aircraft, pilots will need to submit a GAR (General Aviation Report) at least 2 hours before departure. The GAR may be submitted online via the government website for free or directly through SkyDemon.

Government website 

SkyDemon manual (PDF) – See the section “Filing a GAR”

As usual, pilots will be required to file a flight plan if crossing an international FIR boundary.

Please note, a valid passport will be required for all overseas visitors; national ID cards are no longer sufficient for entry to the UK. Pilots arriving without a passport may be refused entry by customs officials.

Arrival at the contest airfield

All pilots are required to seek PPR (Prior Permission Required) before flying to Sywell aerodrome.

Please see the Pooley’s airfield plate and information in the Appendix (in the PDF bulletin download).

For overseas pilots, PPR is a typical process used by many airfields in the UK, and essentially requires pilots to request permission to visit an airfield. Permission may be requested using the online PPR form on the Sywell website.